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Learning Center - Window Tint Instructions

In the Learning Center you will find everything you need for installing window film. Below are links to videos and instructions in PDF format for measuring, cutting and applying window film.

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General Installation Instructions

Applying window film is a simple process with a few basic steps. Following the basic steps and good preparation are important for a good installation.

1. Measure the window.
2. Thoroughly clean the window glass and frame with soap and water mixture.
3. Rough cut the film from the box.
4. Thoroughly wet glass with soap and water mixture.
5. Remove film backing from adhesive side and lay the film on the glass.
6. Mist the backside of the film with soap and water.
7. Squeegee film to glass stopping 1"-2" from frame. Do not bump the frame.
8. With your installation knife trim film to finished size.
9. Mist the back of the film and squeegee again bumping the window frame.
10. Wrap the five-way tool in a paper towel. Use the paper towel wrapped five-way tool as a squeegee and squeegee bumping the frame to force out water.
11. Mist the installed film and squeegee clean with your rubber edge squeegee. Your job is complete.

Detail Window Tinting Instructions (PDF)

Typical Squeegee Pattern for Applying Film (PDF)

Hanging Film with a Partner (PDF)

Cutting the Film Out of the Box (PDF)

Cleaning the Frame (PDF)

Cleaning the Glass (PDF)



Measuring Instructions (PDF)

Ideal Tint Roll Sizes and Square Footage (PDF)

Measuring Diagrams for Common Window Shapes Measure Highest Height and Widest Width (PDF)