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About Ideal Tint

IdealTint.com is Number One for Do-It-Yourself Window Tinting

No other seller beats IdealTint.com on quality, price or service. We only sell professional window film made by Avery Dennison. Our brand was chosen for performance, appearance, optical clarity and price. We improved our selection by offering the window film customers choose most and eliminated the confusion that comes with a long list of similar or impractical products.

At IdealTint.com it’s fast and easy to find the right window film for your home or office. No other seller makes it faster and easier for do it yourself customers get tint and tools. Shopping is easy and check out is a breeze with free shipping and no added sales tax. The price you see is the price you pay. Compare our bottom line prices to any other seller and see for yourself how much you’ll save.

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Customers use window tint to fix sun related problems: Reduce heat or glare, improve daytime privacy or block UV rays. Window tinting can solve sun related problems and makes interiors more livable. When selecting your window film consider that the highest heat reduction will come with exterior reflectance and lower visible light transmission. Lighter tints (40%-70% VLT) reduce heat gain, but for high heat reduction you will want a film that comes with a higher measure of exterior reflectance and a reduction in visible light transmission. The same is true with privacy. To get good daytime privacy choose darker film with less than 35% visible light transmission and a more reflective exterior.

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