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Number One On the Web For Do-It-Yourself Window Tinting

Trouble Free Shopping is the Ideal Difference was created to give do-it-yourself customers easy access to professional quality window films and installation tools.

Our mission is to help customers get the right products quickly and easily. No other internet store can help you find the right tint and tools easier than Ideal. We focused our selection on the products customers use most eliminating the frustration and confusion that comes with huge selections of nearly identical and impractical products. is the easiest place to shop on the web for DIY customers in need of home or office window tinting, we offer the tints customers use most first while others try to impress buyers with hundreds of nearly identical products from many manufacturers.

There are so many tints on the market with the main difference being quality and price. We chose our tint for performance, appearance, optical clarity and affordability. They are not second class tints like you find at big box stores. Our tints are professional quality made by a leading manufacturer and normally only available through licensed full-service dealers.

The Right Choice.

Customers use window tint because they have a problem they want to fix: Reduce heat or glare, improve daytime privacy or block UV rays. Window tint helps solve many problems and makes interiors more livable, but there is always give and take. High heat reduction will come with room darkening. Heat rejection will come with a reduction in visible light. Lighter tints (40%-70% VLT) do reduce heat, but high level heat reduction will have a reduction in visible light.

Privacy comes with darker and more reflective tints. Significant daytime privacy requires tint with less than 35% VLT (visible light transmission). Dual pane windows need a more reflective tint for daytime privacy. Single pane have more choices than dual pane for privacy, heat and glare reduction..

Need Help?

Contact us if you have questions. With some basic information we can help you find the best film for your project.


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